Sports Enthusiast Heading Across the Pond

Aeros game Summer 2012

Aeros game Summer 2012

Who is Phylicia? It’s a question posed often with slight variations. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, the oldest of two kids. Family was, and is, a key component of my life. It  fuels my drive to learn, explore, and grow. Learning keeps me going and explains my current pursuit of a  master’s degree in journalism and mass communication at Kent State University. My concentration is public relations. I can’t seem to get away from the classroom, but it has landed me here on this wild journey to London.

London is the chance for me to explore my passion for sports and its impact on the surrounding community. My current thesis work researching the impact of the Akron Aeros community relations programs provides the inspiration for my area of expertise while in London. The sports experience in the United States and London differ so comparing the initiatives related to and in support of the community will be my main focus and interest during my two weeks across the pond.

I believe sports play a pivotal role in society therefore giving back to the surrounding community will continue to bridge the gap between the two. This also plays into my love for helping others, highlighting my desire to support a cause, leaving my mark for future generations. It makes sense seeing as how education and learning have been the recurring theme throughout my life.

I look forward to taking in the sights and sounds of London. Spending two weeks in London is sure to be the best decision I have made in a long time. My first time abroad is sure to bring new experiences, lasting memories, and opportunity for personal growth. Who knows, my dream job of working for a sports team in their community relations department may actually be waiting for me in London!


About pmccorkl

Kent State University Public Relations graduate student. Music lover. Sports enthusiast. Food and wine connoisseur (in my head). Budding traveler. Life long learner.
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One Response to Sports Enthusiast Heading Across the Pond

  1. Rheuben McCorkle says:

    What! 2 weeks? I thought you were only going to be there 1 week!!!

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