Tackling Social Issues Here and Abroad: AOE Plan

The role of sports in the community and society as a whole is fascinating especially with the amount of media attention teams and players receive on a daily basis. Some may argue sports play a negative role in our culture. On the other hand, teams, players, and entire organizations actually put forth effort into giving back to those who support them most- the surrounding community of fans.

From playing volleyball at Winton Woods High School, going to the driving range with my father, and attending professional sporting events, my interest in sports stretches back to my early childhood. Not until recently has this interest become more of a passion as I’ve found my niche within sports.

With this, I’ve decided to delve into the world of sports and community outreach in the United States and London. My area of expertise (AOE) research will seek to understand how sport organizations use education to connect with children. I will use the Akron Aeros minor league baseball team (MiLB) in the United States and the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) supported campaign in London as the two sport organizations. More specifically, my research will compare Kick It Out’s “Football and Freedom Education Pack and the Akron Aeros Education Day program.

What is the main focus?

  • Comparing the Kick It Out “Think Again” education program with the Akron Aeros Education Day program

Why is this important?

  • Both programs focus on larger issues affecting  each country respectively
  • Compare the approach to educating children about the issues at hand
  • Highlight the positive impact sports teams are making in the community

Overall, I’m looking forward to not only learning about the sporting culture in London but also the way in which social causes are approached in both countries. This will be achieved through secondary research and interviews with experts in this subject matter.

This is only the beginning to my journey across the pond. Come back for updates and progress on my AOE research!


About pmccorkl

Kent State University Public Relations graduate student. Music lover. Sports enthusiast. Food and wine connoisseur (in my head). Budding traveler. Life long learner.
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