Experts Weigh In on Aeros Education Day Program

I have a deep passion for education. My passion continues to drive my interest for the research project at hand. The desire of sport teams to support worthy causes throughout the community continues to be the main focus of my AOE project. More specifically, comparing and contrasting the way in which education is used to teach young children about larger issues in the U.S. and the U.K.

Encouraging students to excel in the classroom is a major focus in the U.S. According to Students First, American students are underscoring in reading and mathematics, with 26% of eighth graders and 27% seniors scoring below the “basic level.” Programs and activities geared toward increasing student scores across all subjects is social cause supported by major and minor league teams in the U.S.

So what is the Education Day program?

Aeros Education Day program curriculum table of contents

Aeros Education Day program curriculum table of contents

U.S. based MiLB team the Akron Aeros promotes the Education Day program with Ohio Academic Standard based supplemental curriculum to “help guide students through a truly rewarding ‘out of class’ experience.”  Created by education experts and enthusiasts, teachers are able to download the free curriculum to incorporate into their daily lesson plans. Students who excel in the classroom are rewarded with tickets to an Aeros game, lunch at the ballpark, and fun with Aeros mascot Orbit.

The Aeros are committed to supporting the needs of students in and around the surrounding community. They have found a way to provide a fun, useful tool for encouraging students to put their best foot forward in the classroom.

Next step…

As I continue to dive into the world of U.S. based sports and social causes, interviews with experts on the topic will be valuable sources of information. Over the next couple of weeks I will conduct interviews with three additional experts from the Akron Aeros.:

  • Jeremy Heit- Education Day Program Coordinator and Ticket Sales Representative
  • Cheryl Baker and/or Judi Bevly- Akron Public Schools Curriculum Specialists
  • Christi Bates- Holden Elementary School teacher

I’m excited to conduct interviews with my experts. I’m lucky to have a well-rounded group of experts with specific experience related to the Education Day program. Check back soon for research and interview updates!


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