Just Touched Down in London Town!

Phylicia McCorkle Tower Bridge

At the Tower Bridge one of many attractions in London.

After months of planning, saving money, and dreaming of traveling abroad, I’ve officially arrived in London. From the double-decker buses to the oh-so-lovely accents, London is taking my breath away.  It’s safe to say I’m definitely not in Ohio anymore!

Here a few first impressions: 

  • Londoners are impeccably dressed at all times of the day. No sweatpants outside of the house here!
  • I can’t rely on Siri or Google maps for directions. Map reading is a skill I’ve had to brush up on.
  • The food is awesome but not as flavorful or seasoned as American food. However, after a quick late night trip to Perfect Chicken, a rousing mediterranean dinner at Sade, and the obligatory fish and chips, I have enjoyed my fair share of London eats.
  • People know I’m American within the first two seconds of speaking. Wait, I have an accent?
  • The Underground is a fast-paced transportation system yet relatively easy to follow after a few rides. With a flat white (that’s British for coffee) in hand, I was able to ride the Underground solo and wander the surrounding neighborhood prior to my first AOE interview.

I can’t believe I never considered traveling abroad. How could anyone not want to experience all the unique features another country has to offer? With so much to see and thousands of people moving around, I remind myself to stop and really soak in my surroundings. I’m looking forward to crossing off my entire Top 10 List of Things to See and Do in London over the next two weeks.  Buckingham Palace down, nine more to go.

My feet may be swollen from walking on cobblestone streets but being present in such a vibrant place like London makes it all worth it. You only live once, right?


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Kent State University Public Relations graduate student. Music lover. Sports enthusiast. Food and wine connoisseur (in my head). Budding traveler. Life long learner.
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